Who is Alf Partout?

Who is Alf Partout?
Alf Partout is a bus project which activist people live in driving through the world.

What does Alf Partout do?
Alf Partout makes action to abolish hierarchic, capitalist and based on dominance structures, for example ecological destruction.
Alf Partout wants to work in direction of a caring society in which people live in respect with nature, that means plants, animals, mushrooms & other people and network for that.


Kinds of action:
Alf Partout is involved in house projects, blockades, organizes KüfAs ([Küche für Alle] = free price solidarity kitchens for manifestations, refugees at the borders, social projects or/and to support prisoners with the proceeds) and direct action like climbing actions or workshops (about recycling food, energy consumption,…)

In march/april 2016 a part of the Alf-Crew has been in Dunkerque (France) in the Refugee-Camp to support the people in the kitchen, deliver donations, and to get in contact with people.

The next destination is the NoBorder Camp in Thessaloniki/Greece.

Who lives in Alf Partout?
Alf Partout is a home for activists fighting global, social, economical, ecological & personal struggles for freedom.

Where does Alf Partout go?
Alf Partout is going directly to the places of happenings, to act practically.

What does Alf Partout live from?
Alf Partout lives from recycled & dumpstered food, the proceeds of the KüfAs and solidarity parties and donations like diesel, climbing material, tools, toilet paper, spices, dressing material, rubber gloves, medicine (preferencial on the basis on plants), ointments, outdoor gear, stock grounds, replacement parts for the bus & generally everything that can be used for cooking and washing-up.
current wishes:
megaphone, big sieve, bowls of metal (5-15l)

It’s still important to donate for Calais!
Half of the unofficial camp is evicted, but the other part still exists. New camps are evolving and the people are still there. Solidarity needs to get practical!

Contact us, if you want to support us, if you want to get involved or if you want to travel with us.

Freedom for all caged beings and all prisoners of LAUtonomia!

Most of the time we are reachable per phone.
Alf Partout’s Mobile: 0049 157 809 409 22
Alf Partout’s Mail: alfpartout@riseup.net
blog: alfpartoutenglish.blogsport.eu
bank account: Spenden & Aktionen
account number: 92881806 BLZ: 513 900 00
name of the bank: Volksbank Mittelhessen
reason for transfer: Alf Partout
IBAN: DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06

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