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Here you find the latest infos about the planning and mobilisation of the caravan. If you are going to travel with us or/and have some infos, send us an e-mail to
If you don’t find updates for some days, it’s because we’re on a Mobi-Info-DonationcollectingTour at the moment and don’t have internet all the time.
Anyway for staying up-to-date check the ticker from time to time. And think of collecting some money-donations for the tour & refugeesupport in Greece.

Stand 9th of June 2016:

25th of June: Soli-KüfA in Köln at the Wagonplacedemonstration. The demo will start at 1pm.

We made a fix date on which Alf Parout is going to start direction greece. You can also join us before or later.

meeting place for the caravan:
1st of July 16; 11 Uhr; motorway service area Weiskirchen South on the motorway A3 around Frankfurt/Main
estimated departure: 11:30 am

If you want and have the time you can join & support us since now. We are at the Altmark at the moment and go through Göttingen to Frankfurt/Main the next days.

25th/26th of June: Cologne
st of July: Frankfurt/Main
nd of July: Munich

The further route is not fix at the moment. Discussion is welcome:
Vienna, Ljubljana, Skopje, Salonika

Alf Partout has canteen kitchen equipment and provides it the caravan.

There are 2 people and 1 dog searching a lift to Greece. And there is some material that wants to go there. Who has space in the van?

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