Planning-Ticker Caravan

Here you find the latest infos about the planning and mobilisation of the caravan. If you are going to travel with us or/and have some infos, send us an e-mail to
If you don’t find updates for some days, it’s because we’re on a Mobi-Info-DonationcollectingTour at the moment and don’t have internet all the time.
Anyway for staying up-to-date check the ticker from time to time. And think of collecting some money-donations for the tour & refugeesupport in Greece.

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Call for a Caravan to NoBorder-Camp in Salonika

Alf is going to Thessaloniki in Greece. There the NoBorder-Camp is going to take place from 15th to 24nd of July and is a self-organized camp, which aims to realize horizontal and direct-democratic structures and procedures.“ The camp announces the fight against all the oppressive and hierarchic settings. It raises the claim to create new, steady, self-organized structures for support and solidarity to refugees and link together the already existing ones.“

Our plan is to start at the 1st of July in Germany. But we don’t want to travel to Greece alone with the Bus Alf, we want to go in a caravan.

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Who is Alf Partout?

Who is Alf Partout?
Alf Partout is a bus project which activist people live in driving through the world.

What does Alf Partout do?
Alf Partout makes action to abolish hierarchic, capitalist and based on dominance structures, for example ecological destruction.
Alf Partout wants to work in direction of a caring society in which people live in respect with nature, that means plants, animals, mushrooms & other people and network for that.
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